Dirats Client Information Center (CIC)

The Dirats Client Information Center (CIC) provides you with current job status information and the ability to download copies of completed Test Reports and Invoices. Once you have been established as a CIC user, you will be able to see when your jobs have been received, when your work has been started and each test completed. Long-term tests will show their running time until completed. When all tests and quality control functions are complete, you can download your Test Report.

To provide security to your confidential job information and Test Reports, as well as protect the integrity of data flowing through the internal Laboratory Information Management System, the CIC is implemented as an external secure website.

If you don't wish to have your information available on the CIC, you need take no action. Your status and documents will not be posted to the site unless you request it.

To begin using this new CIC feature, just email mfisher@diratslabs.com or call Market Development Group, 413-568-1571,  to receive instructions for accessing your CIC and setting your password.